Kids Buggy Tyre and Tube Repair


We don't just fix bicycles! We can replace the inner tube on your buggy* and if you suffer regular punctures due to a worn or poor quality tyre (some of them are supplied with extremely cheap ones in our experience) we can also fit a quality Schwalbe Puncture Resistant tyre which will give you years of service, even when the buggy is weighed down with all the additional items that our children always seem to need...

As with bicycle repairs the bikemonkey will come to you to replace the tube, at your home, work, at nursery or school or when you're out and about. We'll attend as quickly as we can to cause you the minimum of fuss, and we charge less than most High Street bicycle and pram shops too!

All our services are available to the Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas (subject to workload but we'll always do our best to help, and quickly!) and we're usually available from 8am to 6pm, (remember we're travelling out to you from Hove so traffic conditions and prior bookings may affect how quickly we can attend)

A replacement tube is just £12.50 fitted

A replacement Schwable tyre is just £12.50 fitted

Don't forget we're fully insured, uniformed, polite and prompt (we're parents too!).

At your service..

call us on 07979 477722  

or email

* tube and tyre size 12.5" by 1.75" by 2.25" which fits various three and four wheeled prams and buggies i.e. Phil & Ted's, Mountain Buggy, Bugaboo etc. If unsure please call for help 

 Please note: Kids Buggies have very specific parts and therefore we are only able to assist with tubes and tyres. Other parts can be sourced via manufacturers websites, suppliers websites or aftermarket agents such as Unfortunately we're unable to help in these areas!