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Got a bicycle related question? Whether it is weird or wonderful, if you have never found the time to go into your local bike shop (or don't fancy your chances of a helpful reception!) here is your chance to get to grips with whatever your query is!

With over thirty years of experience there's not much the BikeMonkey hasn't fixed, so ask away by emailing and we will send a polite, considered response as to the best possible course of action to take 

From a round town clanger through to your full carbon road bike we hope to be able to help, without getting technical or condescending. Beef with your Brompton? Creaking from your Cervelo? Rancid gear changes on your Raleigh? Ask away, fill your boots an we will do our utmost to advise, point you in the right direction, in fact do whatever we can to resolve your issues. Whether you end up using us or not, you are very much more than welcome to ask the BikeMonkey!

All enquiries will receive a response within 24 hours, some may require additional research which may take longer. Remember, the BikeMonkey is only human afterall!