Full Monkey Service


If your bike is part of your daily routine, whether for transport or for pleasure, if you cover a fair few miles and need to be able to rely on it and safely enjoy it, and maybe it has been a while since she's had any proper attention, this could be the service for you. For £60 this is the "leave no stones unturned" option where we will make sure you're absolutely cruising along safely whether you're doing a daily commute to work/college or pushing a 50-mile Sportive at the weekend. 
Full bicycle service as follows, including collection and delivery in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas:

Collection at a time convenient to you from home or work 

Full visual inspection of your bicycle

Check tyres for wear/cracks splits or perishing (advise if replacement required)

Full inflation to correct pressure

Remove wheels & inspect rims and true and tension spokes

Inspect wheel hubs and tension as required (advise if worn)

Inspect headset and tension as required (advise if worn)

Inspect brake pads (advise if worn) inspect brake cables (advise if replacement required) then fully adjust and seasonal lube

Inspect gear system, measure chain wear (advise if replacement required) inspect rear cassette/freewheel (advise if replacement required),inspect chainset for wear (advise if replacement required)

Remove chain and cassette/freewheel and clean & degrease 

Remove jockey wheels from rear derailleur (if applicable) and clean & degrease 

Check derailleur hanger is true (if applicable) and straighten as required (advise if replacement required) then fully adjust and seasonal lube

Inspect bottom bracket and adjust as required (advise if replacement required)

Inspect pedals and tighten as required

Advise if any above faults with price before proceeding by telephone/text/email as required

Full degrease, clean, polish & silicone of frame and fork and ancillary components

The labour to replace ANY/ALL components is included in the full monkey service 

Cloth dry and return to your preferred location (home/work) super-quickly (we aim for sameday/next day subject to collection time, parts availability and service availability, speed of confirmation of goahead once quoted etc we do our utmost to repatriate your bike with you asap with the Full Monkey)