Lock Monkey


because sometimes you just can't get that thing free

Ok, so in the experience of the bikemonkey it doesn't matter how hard you try NOT to lose your key, eventually it's going to happen. Or you didn't even lose the key but the winter has taken it's toll on the mechanism. And hopefully when it does the bike is locked inside your property, and you have a friendly builder staying the night, or better yet a locksmith to free the poor thing up. And how often does that happen?

Call a locksmith to relieve you of a D-lock and you could be looking at a small fortune

Call the LockMonkey and we can keep it as simple as possible. We will attend your bicycle with you present (you'll need photographic ID and address ID and be prepared to fill out a form, please understand that this is nothing more than our Duty of Care and it will cover the Monkey from any challenges to his integrity, nothing personal! You must also understand that if it is locked awkwardly against property other than yours we have to reserve the right to not remove the lock on the basis that damage may be caused) and remove the lock (we're the Good Guys remember!) for a simple £25 within the city of Brighton & Hove (and beyond by prior arrangement)

Please note our regular hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, outside of these hours we'll try to accommodate your needs wherever possible but additional charges may apply. The Monkey's only human (well, not quite...) 

Call 07979 477722 or email workshop@brightonbikemonkey.co.uk